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What's your journey? Where's it going?

Plot Twisters makes personal journey building tools for K-12 students to reflect on their values, curiosities, and goals over time.

Students can...

Teachers can...

Students can track their personal education journeys on the Plot Twisters platform.
Track their personal education journey
Students can reflect on their interests and skills with our minigames.
Reflect on their interests and skills
Students can explore a database of diverse, fulfilled role models.
Explore journeys of diverse role models
Students can manage and organize their to-do lists and goals in their education journey.
Manage goals for their journey
Teachers can follow along with their students' learning and reflections in and out of school.
Follow the journeys of their students
Teachers can better understand their students' habits and skills to customize their teaching.
Assign projects based on individual needs
Teachers can communicate with their students based on how they reflected on a project.
Personally support the growth of each student
Teachers can share with their students diverse role models and pressing challenges currently facing Earth.
Talk about role models and real world challenges
At Plot Twisters, we want to...

1.   Research and communicate what work really is to young people.

Plot Twisters is creating fun, imaginative tools to explain the rapidly changing landscape of work to young people. Schools struggle to explain "creativity" and "complex problems solving" skills clearly to students, even though 40% of jobs now require them. We break them down into simple metaphors and show examples in their real, everyday schoolwork.

2.   Introduce diverse role models and career journeys from an early age.

Dreaming big should be accessible to all students. By exploring diverse role model journeys as they build their own journey, Plot Twisters helps them notice trends in their own values, skills, and roles. We provide a platform for students to discover and set goals.

3.   Empower student to be the protagonists of their education.

Unlike career and personality tests, Plot Twisters is not prescriptive. Students decide for themselves what their journey is, and where it's going. Plot Twisters empowers students to discover the values, skills, roles, and causes that are meaningful to them.

4.   "Think globally, act locally."

Pressing challenges from environmental waste to health inequity affect every person on Earth, so navigating these issues will be the classwork of the future. Plot Twisters introduces this seed of global citizenship in every student's journey, and serves as an example social enterprise.

5.   Practice using technology safely and mindfully.

As we build tools for digitally sharing education and career stories, Plot Twisters is focused on instilling healthy relationships with building identities online. We carefully curate mindful role models and are transparent about our interface design choices.

6.   Design for students and educators by working with them directly.

Plot Twisters is an educational technology studio that treats each school as a long-term partner. We know how different every learning environment can be, so we visit and customize our tools specifically for each classroom.

We'd love your wisdom!  

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