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Plot Twisters is an Education Technology studio. We are transforming youth education into a personal, project-based adventure.

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In the next 10 years, human work will require more creativity, collaboration, and self-understanding.

Plot Twisters is making student journey tools that will bridge young people with the future of work.

Students can...

Teachers can...

Students can track their personal education journeys on the Plot Twisters platform.
Track their personal education journey
Students can reflect on their interests and skills with our minigames.
Reflect on their interests and skills
Students can explore a database of diverse, fulfilled role models.
Explore journeys of diverse role models
Students can manage and organize their to-do lists and goals in their education journey.
Manage goals for their journey
Teachers can follow along with their students' learning and reflections in and out of school.
Follow the journeys of their students
Teachers can better understand their students' habits and skills to customize their teaching.
Assign projects based on individual needs
Teachers can communicate with their students based on how they reflected on a project.
Personally support the growth of each student
Teachers can share with their students diverse role models and pressing challenges currently facing Earth.
Talk about role models and real world challenges
At Plot Twisters, we want to...

Equip students to think critically about and take ownership of their personal narratives.

Plot Twisters builds tools that support students to discover what they love. We envision a world where young people are encouraged to be inquisitive and confident, so they may pursue what excites them. Our tools make personal reflection fun and approachable, so students can learn from every plot point on their journey. If you’re curious about our product design process, please reach out for a walkthrough!

Cultivate inclusive and diverse learning environments.

Plot Twisters makes dreaming big accessible to as many students as possible. We envision a world where all students are excited to learn. We appreciate every student’s perspective, and build tools with as many needs in mind as possible. Our approach is audio, visual, and tactile, and we’re constantly learning in our Think Tank (reach out to us!). Additionally, our tools are free for students. We also operate financially on a sliding scale, so we may work at a discounted or pro-bono rate with communities or individuals that might not afford them otherwise.

Encourage practices for good health at a young age.

Students should understand that health is multi-dimensional from a young age, and carry the value of health through their entire lives. At Plot Twisters, we create tools and resources that cultivate the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of students. If you’re interested in supporting our product design process, please reach out to us.

Inspire students to understand and take action toward challenges in their communities.

Plot Twisters empowers students to Plot Twisters envisions a world in which students understand the challenges in their community. Our storytelling tools enable students to become aware of the world around them, and practice empathy it. We emphasize that taking action is a practice and encourage students to address their communities, whether locally or globally. If you’re interested in supporting our product design process, please reach out to us.

Equip schools, educators, and teachers to faciliate student journeys.

Plot Twisters envisions the educational experience as more than just moving from subject to subject, grade to grade. We support educators and parents directly as they create activities, lesson plans, and frameworks that connect the plot points in a student’s journey. If you’re an educator or parent interested in planning our lessons, we have our first Zoom Table Summit this summer. Reach out to us if you’re interested.

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