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Spring 2021: We're reading, writing, drawing, and talking.

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Hey! Welcome to our studio.

Plot Twisters is a team of researchers, designers, and technologists that creates opportunities for personal storytelling and self-reflection, especially for communities of young people.

We make tools and programs to support people as they build their journeys.

We're building up to the full launch of our digital self-reflection playground. Currently, most of our time is spent researching in our Think Tank and prototyping storytelling experiences related to the following topics:

We're also creating role model reports, designing self-reflection activities, and mentoring students as they explore their strengths and values, in career and life.

Our studio officially launched in January 2020 in North America. Today, our team is spread over three continents and six timezones.

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Project Partners


The EMPOWER Lab at the University of Georgia researches interpersonal and racial trauma. The EMPOWER Lab supports our team understanding of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and racial socialization. We support the EMPOWER Lab by developing the website and illustrations for their online psychoeducation experience for young people healing from racial trauma.
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Let's Talk LD

Let's Talk LD gathers and trains educators dedicated to neurodiversity. Young neurodiverse students often lack access to resources for personal and professional development. We seek advice from their leadership as we build our personal storytelling tools. Our goal is to build with the needs of students with learning, social communication, and attentional differences in mind.
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verynice, in addition to being a social enterprise and design strategy studio, publishes educational toolkits about creativity, design, and teamwork. Currently, we're collaborating on a creative journey building toolkit for students to reflect on their memories, curiosities, and goals, to publish in 2021.
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Our Spring 2021 studio team

Plot Twisters is a completely remote studio that works together digitally. We record product brainstorms in Figma and Notion, share resources on Slack, and discuss reflections about all of it on FaceTime and Zoom.

Jenny Liu Zhang

Playmaker San Francisco, USA

Cat Chang

Whelming Melbourne, Australia

Melissa Regalado

Idea Hamster Salt Lake City, USA

Amanda Curtis

Local Academic Oxford, UK

Isaac Gilles

Flourisher Washington D.C., USA

Joanna Shan

Always Learning San Francisco, USA

Karla Leung

Doodling Los Angeles, USA

Shanna Finnigan

Making Stuff Los Angeles, USA

Sanjana Galgalikar

Inspiration Gatherer Renton, USA

Nick Stares

Friendly Iconoclast San Francisco, USA

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